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College of DuPage - Radiography includes the following package contents:
Package: oe45
Statewide Criminal IL
Drug Test
Nationwide Record Indicator Alias with SOI
Healthcare Fraud And Abuse Level 1
Residency History
Medical Document Manager
Package Cost: $101.50
Additional Information
Submitting documents to, and/or Criminal Background check does not guarantee admission to the desired Health Program at the College of DuPage. Completion of this requirement is an independent activity to prepare for entrance into health programs at the College of DuPage and/or participation in clinical sites within health programs. Funds paid to are not eligible for any sort of refund from the College of DuPage or if the required course/program is not successfully completed.

The package price above includes a statewide search within the State of IL. If additional addresses are found associated with your name outside the State of IL, they will be performed at no additional charge.

The package price above includes researching records under your current name and any additional names you may have used, if applicable.

This package includes document storage. At the end of the order process, you will be prompted to upload specific documents required by your school for immunization, medical or certification records.

After you place your order, you will receive an email directly from the lab containing your electronic chain of custody form (echain) within 24-48 hours. The subject line will read: -Form Fox- and it will explain where you need to go to complete your drug test.

*If you have not received your echain after 48 hours, please check your Spam folder of your email account to see if the email was filtered into that folder. You can also check the Messages within your CastleBranch account, as well as the drug test requirement to locate and download the form. If you still cannot locate the form, please call our Service Desk at 888-914-7279 for assistance.

**Once you have taken your drug test, be on the look out for your results to be posted. If your results have not posted to your account after 7 days, please call the Service Desk at 888-914-7279 to help locate your results. Please have your Specimen ID number that you were given at the lab with you when you call, as this information will be needed to locate results.
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